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Advantage After-School Mission 

Advantage After-School mission is to provide a safe, quality student-centered program that meets the needs of schools and students. Our academically enriched extended day program is interactive and engaging for students and promotes 21st-century skill development. Our team of education professionals focus on creating a well-balanced atmosphere for students and a trusted solution for parents and schools.  The program offers adult-supervised, high-quality, affordable before and after school care serving Kindergarten through Grade 8.


Our Vision & Philosophy

Our vision is to become the preferred before & after school enrichment program provider for school-age children. We have a successful program model that consist of planning and implementing purposeful academic, cultural, intellectual, social and engaging activities.


Utilizing school-age care and out of school time best practices and latest research to guide our program model to develop and implement a safe, nurturing extended learning experience for students. Our program strives to keep children excited and engaged instead of watching the door for their parents.  


Designed to complement the regular school day, our program fosters engaging, hands-on learning in a safe, familiar environment…….right onsite at your school! 

After-school programs can boost academic performance, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe, structured environment for students.

 Research shows that students involved in quality effective after-school programs bring a wide range of benefits to schools, thier families and community.

 Schools with after-school programs attract parents who can't pick-up students at school dismissal.  Parent's appreciate having a  quality, safe, and structured program right at the school.  





Advantage After-School Program Management 

Thank you for your interest in Advantage After-School Partnership!  It’s great that your school is exploring the possibility of offering onsite after-school care. We are excited to provide more information on Advantage After-School Partnership, LLC, a premier professional service providing quality after-school care & enrichment program development & management. Advantage After-School offers an opportunity for schools and organizations who desire to offer after-school care for parents but lack the staff, time and resources. Advantage partners with your school, to provide onsite programs in a safe space determined by your school.


We would be happy to explore after-school enrichment options for your student, school or organization.  Please contact us  at 248-509-4455 or send us a message below.