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                                                     Advantage After-School Enrichment Program                                                           


Program Policy & Procedures Acknowledgement & Financial Agreement Overview 


Parents Will Required to Complete The Policy & Procedures Agreement 


 All registration documents must be submitted, including online registration & supplemental documents before students are able to      enroll in the program.


All student must check in/out my child(ren) daily and parents must sign the sign-in form. 


Parents must report changes to my student’s information card to ensure the program has updated & accurate information on file. 


Parents understand that Advantage must report suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. 


Parents  must notify Advantage if my child will be absent, ill or any circumstances that may affect their program experience/behavior. _


Parents will notify me if my child becomes ill. Students must be picked up or have designated adult pi my child or have my child picked up within an hour of notification. 


My student will be unable to attend if he/she has an communicable illness that threatens the health of other students.


If the the school is closed for any reason the after-school enrichment program will also be closed. 


Students may be withdrawn from the program at our discretion for but not to limited to child or parent behavior, non-payment, consistent late payment and consistent late pick-up.

2023-24 Program Rates

Annual Registration Fee: $20                    

Weekly Fee: Based On Location 

Late Pick-Up Fee:  $1 Per Minute  


Program payments are processed by automatic withdrawal. Parents may pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in advance for the upcoming week.


The contracted fees are due regardless of attendance. At enrollment a spot is reserved for your student as requested. Our staff are available and prepared for students scheduled to attend.


Parent Agreements will be available on the first day of the program or can be downloaded from the link below and returned to your schools After-School Enrichment Coordinator. Parent Acknowledgement Forms may also be completed and emailed to the email located on the form.

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